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Why is it a bad idea to put snow guards just over doorways?  reposted with permissions – Original article can be found at http://blog.s-5.com/blog Often, we are asked to provide localized snow guards (snow retention systems) over an entranceway or several of them rather than protecting the entire eave line of a standing seam metal roof. […]

S-5!® Snow Guards for the Canada Science and Technology Museum A Snow guard or snow retention systems are quickly becoming a requirement as architects realize the long term benefits and visual appeal of metal roofing. Metal roofing not only lasts longer than conventional roofing products but also offer a wide variety of colours, as well […]

Clifford A. Fielding Research, Innovation, and Engineering Building S-5!® DualGard™  The Clifford A. Fielding Research, Innovation, and Engineering Building at Laurentian University will have the S-5® DualGard™ https://design.localadpower.com/SkyProducts-v3/wp-old/#products  snow guard system which was supplied by Sky Products.  Sky Products was involved in the early stage of the project and worked with Yallowega Bélanger Architecture and […]

S-5!® LEED Credits S-5!® Products are available from Canada’s largest stocking distributor in Canada web: www.design.localadpower.com/SkyProducts-v3/wp-old Materials and Resources LEED Credit 2—Construction Waste Management (1-2 points) The components in S-5! clamps and PV kits are made from 60601 T6 aluminum and 300 series stainless steel hardware. They are fully recyclable at the end of their […]

 TWO PIPE SNOW GUARD SYSTEM – When to use it. article originally post on S-5! – http://blog.s-5.com/blog/snowguardsonmetalroofs-0 reposted with permissions    When it comes to snow guards, there is a common perception that “more is better”, such as “two pipes are better than one” and “three are better than two”. Many believe that because a […]

Snow Guards and Factor of Safety A great article about “Factor of Safety” for snow guard. Wondering what is meant by “Factor of Safety”, read the article and find out why S-5! is the number one choice for snow guards. http://blog.s-5.com/blog/s-5-factor-of-safety-for-snow-guards Why choose Sky Products for Snow Guard Projects Sky Products specializes in snow guards and is the […]

SNOW RETENTION (SNOW GUARDS) Snow Retention System: (Syn: Snow-Guard System) A series of unitized snow-guard devices or continuous assemblies installed for the purpose of retaining snow on a roof and allow the snow to evacuate slowly via thaw and sublimation rather than suddenly and unexpectedly via rooftop avalanche. WHO IS THE MCA (METAL CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION) […]

posted with permissions. Clamp Mounted vs Structure Attachment vs Stick-On Snow Retention Solutions Metal roofs are a smart decision. But with metal roofs, you must consider the risk of roof top avalanches. A quality snow retention system will help you maintain your roof, avoid personal and property damage, and efficiently and safely allow snow to […]

reposted with permission – original post can be found at http://blog.s-5.com/blog/what-snow-guard-is-on-your-metal-roof Sky Products Ltd and S-5! Metal Roof Attachments. Sky Products Ltd has been a proud stocking distributor of S-5! since 2010 and since then has grown to be the number one source in Canada for anything S-5!.  With the newest update to the National Building Code […]

Originally Posted by Kimberly Reichert on Dec 19, 2018 12:28:39 PM https://tinyurl.com/yc6k7crd reposted with permissions – www.s-5.com   A metal roof is a metal roof, right? WRONG. Standing seam and exposed fastener roofs may both be metal and may even serve similar purposes, but the two styles are very different indeed. Standing Seam Roof  Let’s start […]