Solar Attachment Solutions

For mounting solar systems to Standing seam roof, S-5PV Kits work perfectly with the line of MINI clamps

For mounting solar systems to your corrugated metal roof, S-5-PV Kits work perfectly with our CorruBracket

For mounting solar systems to your exposed-fastened metal roof, a flat mounting disk is available allowing S-5-PV Kits to work perfectly with our VersaBracket.

Penetration-free attachment, lower installation costs and cooler roofs, combined with rising energy costs and increased environmental concerns all spell a bright, sunny future for PV and standing seam metal roofs.

Due to the variety of attachment needs, S-5-PV Kits are sold separately from S-5! mini clamps. The S-5-PV Kit fits only S-5! mini clamps, NOT standard clamps.

OMG PowerGrip is a roof mount system designed to secure ballasted solar racks and other equipment to roofs covered with thermoplastic (TPO and PVC) roofs membranes.

PowerGrip provides a secure connection directly to the roof deck or structural members. Once heat welded in place, properly installed PowerGrips virtually eliminate rack movement and remain watertight.

Wind dynamics are complex; thus, each system should be reviewed by a qualified licensed professional who understands wind effects on roof design and construction prior to purchase and installation.