DEKTITE Flashing

DEKTITE flashing will not crack or break.

DEKTITE can be installed over or between the ribs of standard panels. Generally no sealant is required where the Dektite collar provides a compression fit around the pipe.

Retrofit DEKTITE makes difficult installations a breeze!

Wraps around existing or difficult to access pipes. Snaps together in seconds. The built-in crimp means no loose clips or rivets. Grips tight and stays tight. The supple aluminum base conforms to metal profiles.

  • Made of long life, flexible, weatherproof gray or black EPDM rubber or red silicone.
  • Flexible, corrosion resistant aluminum base conforms to any panel configuration.
  • EPDM and silicone will not crack or break.
  • Pipe diameter markings are clearly indicated for accurate fitting.