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24Jul 2017
S-5! Colorgard

S-5! Colorgard supplied by Sky Products on Cabelas roof in New Brunswick. Anyone can bend a piece of metal and call it a snow guard, however would an engineer stamp it? Click on the link below to read more Engineering is Vital

15Aug 2017
Snow Guards on Metal Roof

Using S-5! clamps, and working with CR Systems located in Barrie Ontario, Sky Products was able to manufacture a custom made bracket for the S-5! Z clamp ensuring a NON PENETRATING snow guard system! This NON PENETRATING snow guard system follows the curvature of the roof beautifully! Sky Products and CR Systems have now partnered […]

25Aug 2017
S-5! X-Gard 2.0

S-5!® X-Gard™ Snow Guard This S-5!® X-Gard™ Snow Guard System at the Irving Big Stop in Aulac, New Brunswick.   Working with Century Siding and Roofing located in Windsor New Brunswick, Sky Products designed and supplied a full NON-PENETRATING metal roof snow guard system using the S-5!® X-Gard™. X-Gard™ is the newest snow retention solution […]

29Aug 2017

OMG ROOFING PRODUCTS AVAILABLE IN CANADA FROM SKY PRODUCTS! The OMG PowerGrip™ Universal available through Sky Products Ltd in Canada is a rooftop attachment anchor for mounting solar racking systems and other products to virtually any commercial roof. The OMG PowerGrip™ Universal is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for ballast in solar racking […]

29Aug 2017
S-5! logo

S-5!® Clamps and Snow Guards available in Canada from Sky Products! A Canadian S-5!® distributor for 10 years, Sky Products Ltd has grown to be the largest stocking S-5!® distributor in Canada by developing and maintaining key national relationships. Sky Products has designed and engineered hundreds of thousands of feet of snow guards and has supplied hundreds of thousands S-5!® […]

12Sep 2017
S-5! Round Tip Set Screw

S-5!® Round Tip Set Screws When you order and receive your S-5!® non-penetrating standing seam clamps, ( you will notice that they come with round tip set screws as opposed to cup point set screws like some of S-5!® competitors.  The following article was written by Rob Haddock of S-5!® in order to clarify the difference […]

30Oct 2017

Another TTC snow guard project for Sky Products S-5!’s largest Canadian distributor Sky Products, is very proud to be part of the TTC 407 snow guard project using over 1700 S-5! Z clamps along with custom manufactured brackets. The challenge in providing a functional yet architecturally appealing snow guard system without damaging or penetrating the roof […]

18Jan 2018
Snow Guard

Why is it a bad idea to put snow guards just over doorways?  reposted with permissions – Original article can be found at Often, we are asked to provide localized snow guards (snow retention systems) over an entranceway or several of them rather than protecting the entire eave line of a standing seam metal roof. […]

23Jan 2018
snow guard canada science and technology Museum

S-5!® Snow Guards for the Canada Science and Technology Museum A Snow guard or snow retention systems are quickly becoming a requirement as architects realize the long term benefits and visual appeal of metal roofing. Metal roofing not only lasts longer than conventional roofing products but also offer a wide variety of colours, as well […]