Smelting & Refining

Smelters and Acid Plants

We design power systems and specify equipment, including:

  • Acid towers (final absorbing and drying)
  • Storage tanks
  • Hot gas heat exchangers
  • Gas conveyance and treatment systems
  • Furnaces
  • Pressure vessels and autoclaves.
  • Furnace brick coolers c/w cooling system
  • Piping, pumping and distribution—surface and underground.
  • Metal ingots handling and cleaning.
  • Capital and operating cost estimates
  • Lifting and transportation systems: slag cars, slag buckets, cranes, etc.
Refinery Plants Specialists

Whether it’s a new plant or a modification to an existing one, Black Rock Engineering can provide the study and detail design. We have experience with:

  • Anode and Cathode bales
  • Stripping machines.
  • Filtering, concentration and dilution cells.
  • Storage tanks
  • Lifting and transportation systems: cars, cranes, etc.
  • Conveyance and treatment systems.
  • Pumping and piping of liquids and slurries.