Machine Safety

 Designing systems that are safe, while still being easy to operate and maintain, can be challenging. Black Rock’s engineers understand the codes, and how they can be applied in complex situations.

Safety Codes

We are specialists in the application of

  • CSA Z432
  • ISO 13849-1
  • Canadian Electrical Code

We perform safety audits, detail design, build, retrofit and commissioning for new and existing systems.

Isolating Energy Sources

We have safe, effective solutions for isolating

  • Electrical energy
  • Hydraulic energy
  • Pneumatic energy

Black Rock’s safety experience is applicable across industries and can be applied to many systems. This may include:

  • Automated equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Combustion systems
  • Ore passes and mine handling systems
Safety PLC’s

We have experience with most brands of safety PLC’s. We can design, program, commission and even supply PLC systems as required.


Safe systems may require specific levels of safety and redundancy. Examples include:

  • Safety contactors
  • Safety relays
  • Light curtains
  • Dead man switches
  • Operator present control

Often guarding is the best way to keep people safe. We can design guarding that will meet legal requirements, while facilitating operating and maintenance functionality.