Documentation Updates

 At Black Rock, we understand that sometimes even well-intentioned plants end up in a situation where their documentation has fallen behind or may not exist. We can: do the research, review existing records, investigate field conditions, and then update or create the documents that you need.

Functional Specifications

If you have a system that has been operating for months or years, but lack a comprehensive manual. We can:

  • Collect existing information on the system—drawings, PLC and HMI programs, manuals, interviews
  • Develop a preliminary functional description for discussion
  • Review the preliminary document and modify either the document, the system, or both to meet the desired functionality.
Plant or Equipment Drawings

If drawings are missing or outdated, our engineers and designers can

  • Compare existing drawings against field installation
  • Update drawings to match. This may include equipment drawings, piping drawings, electrical and controls drawings.
  • We can identify any issues such as code violations.
Network Drawings

Sometimes plant control networks develop organically or different groups have maintained their own records. We can make sense of it.

  • Collect data from various sources—drawings, sketches, notes
  • Walk the system to identify revised/removed/added components
  • Create or update system drawing—block diagrams, schematics, wiring
  • Identify any major issues with the system—crimped fibres, etc.

We can provide documents and drawings in whatever formats you prefer. These may include:

  • PDF
  • Hard-copy binders or books
  • Microsoft Word
  • AutoCAD or MicroStation