Water Treatment

 Water is essential for life, and at Black Rock Engineering, that means that, above all else, systems for Water Treatment Plants and Waste Water Treatment Plants need to be reliable. Wells, pumps and treatment facilities may be distributed across a wide geographical area, yet the overall system must be cohesive, and operate consistently, reliably, and safely.

Water Treatment Specialists

Black Rock designs:

  • Pumping and piping of water and slurries (aboveground, belowground and underground pipelines)
  • Fire protection water systems (aboveground, belowground and underground pipelines).
  • Fire Pump (electrical and diesel) systems
  • Tanks, hydrants, sprinkler systems
  • Chlorine and lime addition
  • Digester and heating systems
  • Mixers, agitators, tanks, and filtration cells
  • Lifting systems and cranes
  • Septic systems
SCADA Systems

We can design, modify and commission:

  • Overall SCADA system design
  • Network design
  • Remote alarming and control
  • Process controls and instrumentation
Instrumentation and Electrical

Black Rock Engineering provides detail design for instrumentation required for water systems. This may include:

  • Flow, level and pressure monitoring and control
  • pH and water quality measurement and control
Maintenance and Analysis

We provide maintenance for all machines and equipment listed above.

  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Repair and replacement recommendations, design, manufacturing, installation.
  • Stress and fatigue analysis for all components listed above (FEA).
  • Energy cost
  • Vibration and noise
  • Machine safety